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About us

Passionate About Inspiring and Empowering Others

The people behind the Art for All Society are so passionate about the arts, so much so that they started up their own not for profit company in order to make sure that everyone has access to the arts. Art for all society helps put on free interactive art focused events for the community. The organization also makes sure that low-income families can afford art supplies and classes by funding them directly through the program. There is a great need for this kind of organization.  It will be great to see how this not-for-profit changes lives of those around it.

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The Art for All Society began in 2023 out of an idea by Carly, Marcie and Jennii. Working in an art studio they heard countless stories on how art has changed their lives, as well as journeys of hardships without being able to afford supplies, space, education and community. They decided to use their skill and community to help make a difference.

While we are currently in the process of obtaining charity status, we appreciate any acts of kindness from supporters. Please consider donating or volunteering to help us continue our mission of making art available to all. 

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